17.02 not able to open any video files

Ubuntu 14.04.

Downloaded the newest Shotcut version, upgraded from 16.11, because 17.01 was unusable due to crashes when putting videos on timeline. Now, with 17.02 I am not able to open any videos. It does not crash, but says that it was unable to open the file. Dried se
Still latest usable version is 16.11.

That is very strange because it works for me, and I do not recall what change could cause that. What types of files, where are they located, and how are you trying to open them (drag-n-drop, Recent panel, File > Open)?

After your reply I downloaded the newest version 17.02.05, before it was 17.02.01 (I think). Very strange, but everything worked now. No more problems. I couldn’t to a lot of testing at the moment, but I was able to open video files and put them to timeline. I was using file > open and gopro files and files from a sony camera.

I am glad that it’s working.