16:10 Letterboxing

when I export 1920x1200 it puts letterboxing on videos, here is a video that had the same problem - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEPQy4FkEYw, I’ve tried cropping, but in the preview, there is nothing to crop out. and i do have the aspect ratio on 16:10.

From the video you have linked here.
You exported it at 1152x720 60fps.

When you start a new project, set the video mode.
Instructions for Shotcut version 18.11.18

  1. Setting your video mode.
  2. Custom/Add. You’ll have to make your own custom preset.
  3. Name your Custom Video Mode
  4. Fill in your Resolution
  5. Fill in your Aspect Ratio
    a. You cal also set your desired FPS for the video here, along with Scan mode and Colorspace.
  6. Click OK
  7. Name your project.
  8. Click Start
    a. Make your video, edit, etc…
  9. Save your project. !!Very Important!! (Saving the project mlt file)
  10. Select the YouTube preset
    x. Do NOT click on Advanced
  11. Export File


To set video mode for a saved project not set with a custom mode, open project, select or make your custom video mode. Save mlt project. Export the video file. This may not always fix the project file as experiences shared in this forum have been varied.

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Thank you so much, i was already looking for a new editor.

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