1 frame black screen issue

Hello, So I have a project I am working on and sometimes there will be black screens that show up for a frame or two. I have re-rendred this video over and over and even moved the clips around and nothing seems to fix this. If anyone has any solutions, please comment them down below. I have a video response attached to demonstrate the problem as well and provide further clarification in said response.

A+ for the video showing the problem!
I tried to duplicate the issue, but couldn’t get the black frame. Shotcut 18.06.02
Even tried it with everything on V3, with V2 blank.
I played it back with VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player.
My source file is mp4, 1920x1080 60fps, export: mp4, 1920x1080 60fps.

What is your source frame rate? All sources at the same frame rate/resolutions?
What is your video mode set at?

Well, I’m not sure how to check the frame source (and my video mode is set to “automatic” should I change it to one of the preset settings?) but all the clips were recorded in-game at 60 frames. (Shotcut says 59.940 though, if that makes any difference. I render them in 60 and not Shotcut’s exact “59.940” framerate) If I render it in 30, it does less of the black frames, but they are still there. i’m also not quite sure which version of shotcut I am on.

I am having the same issue with black intermediary frames. I’m using Windows 64 bit 18.06.02. This must happen on export. I am combing two .mp4 videos with a jpeg at the end. There are black frames (I haven’t looked at the number or time of black frames yet), I’d guess maybe about a second +/- between each segment. The 1st .mp4 is a compilation of jpeg’s with audio, the 2nd is a video from my MS Surface 2 front camera (it was shot in 1080, auto frequency I believe). I could sure use some guidance.

One other issue, probably a new topic, but… I know some editing software records, but I am already getting used to (happy) with Shotcut but I am not thrilled using Windows Camera to record. Suggestions?
~ Thanks

That could be a cause but typically inexact conversions results in a frame being repeated or dropped and not introduction of a black frame. First and most important thing to check is if Settings > GPU effects is turned on. If so, that is the most likely cause. Second thing to try is to disable Export > Video > Parallel processing.

The GPU effect has always been unchecked for me, I have not tried disabling parralel processing. I’ll do that now and reply back with my results.

Nope, turning off paralell-processing does not fix the issue either.

Have you tried rendering at 59.940fps??

Yes, I still get the black bits that show up.

OH MY GOSH, I fixed it!!! To fix it, all you have to do is put the clips on the same video track. My theory is that sometimes the program will skip over bits of footage if it’s on a diffferent track. Thank you to all who tried to help me! :slight_smile: