Zooms et problemes

Aidez moi, depuis la dernière MAJ je ne peux plus zoomer dans un cadre!!!
Je m’exprime:
avant il y avait la ‘rotation et échelle’ qui permettait de faire un zoom in, soit de zoomer sans agrandir la taille de l’image sélectionnée. Comment faire cette même chose dans la dernière version , maintenant que ça a été remplacé? merci!

On the latest version every time you pick the Size, Position and Rotate filter a help dialog box appears under the player letting you know how can have more control of the rectangle box:

So when you are zooming in make sure you use the instructions above in order to move anywhere you want.

(english isn’t the problem for me) but I do not understand how to. Is this then possible to crop?

Are you asking about the Crop filter or the Size, Position and Rotate filter? They are two different things. As I said, on the latest version it tells you that you have controls that allow you to move the rectangle box with Size, Position and Rotate. So as you are zooming in you hold Shift and click inside the rectangle box (this is in the instructions I just posted) to move the image where you want.

Yea I wanted just crop like it was possible in rotation and scale. But I saw “crop” filter. Issou. Thanks :smiley:

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