Zoom Speed Controller, and Dissolve Duration and Default Controllers (please)

Hi Shotcut and other users,

Thank you for this amazing software. A friend recently got me onto it.

I would love a control that allows one to choose the zoom speed directly, instead of using key frames.

I am working on a project that involves a sequence of photos, positioned in alignment with rhythmic changes in the music, and subsequently they vary in length. I am using dissolves between each photo and wish to keep a consistent zoom speed throughout the whole video/all of the photos, to make it visually smooth.

This seems tricky to do manually, because I can only drag a photo shorter from it’s end, without ruining the zoom. Any other way of changing it’s length seems to ruin the zoom. But because there isn’t a way to set the dissolve length other than dragging it, I have to manually align things to get them right.

I could place all of the photos, put in the dissolves, and then calculate the zoom percentage per second that I want, and then calculate this for each photo’s length. But this seems like an excessive amount of things to do, just to achieve a basic task.

Oh, how I would love a zoom speed control. Actually, I would also love a way to simply type the length of a dissolve, as well as set a default dissolve length.

Again, thank you, Shotcut for this amazing software. I hope that others (programmers and users) find the need for these controls important too, so that it may just happen!


This forum is for Shotcut, not OpenShot.

Thanks for your correction of my typo. Yes, I mean to write Shotcut, this is what I am using.

The easiest way to control the length of a transition is to use keyboard shortcuts to move the playhead and utilize snapping to the playhead. For example, Alt+Right to move to the end of a clip, Page Down to seek forward one second. In case you want less than a second, quickly compute the number of frames your head per the fps (e.g. 30/2 = 15) and cursor right by that many.

Thank you for the tip. I will check out the full list of shortcuts also.

Do you have any suggestion of how to more efficiently achieve what I am trying to do?