YouTube Preset

A couple days ago, I downloaded the latest version of Shotcut. I’m encountering a problem that I didn’t have with previous versions. I’m using the YouTube Preset and after export, have an uneven motion with videos that i shot using motions like tilt and pan no matter how slowly I moved the head. I have less jaggedness when I use a slider, but the shakiness is still apparent. I noticed that some changes were made in the YouTube Preset and wonder if this has anything to do with the problems I’m encountering?

The only thing that changed with the preset is the quality % is reduced a little as it was more than most people need. I highly doubt this makes a difference. The biggest thing that impacts what you are describing is frame rate, and the YouTube export preset does not dictate a frame rate. Frame rate will be based on the Video Mode or your first asset imported if using Automatic.

Update: it will be helpful to chase down a possible bug by doing an apples-to-apples comparison. Load the same project in the previous version you ran (get it if needed from GitHub), export it the same way, and compare the results.

Thank you for your help. I set the Video Mode to Automatic, and it corrected the problem.

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