Youtube preset on Mac M2 Pro has 23% as quality

On Shotcut version 23.07.29, Mac M2 Pro, the Youtube Preset’s Codec quality is coming up as 23%. Is this correct?

No, and I do not reproduce it. Pay close attention to % vs. crf. Show a screenshot.

Oh wait, sorry, with the hardware encoder turned on, yes, 23% (scale=23)


How can I completely reinstall shortcut on Mac M2. Perhaps the installation had some issues. (Deleting app and re-copying dmg still retains the settings.)

It should be 55%, and reinstall won’t change anything. I can work on a fix for the next version. In the meantime, turn off hardware encoder or simply use the Default/Reset. Using the YouTube preset is not important. Default/Reset gives almost the same, but a little smaller size. The FAQ page on the web site explains where settings are on each OS.

But, on Windows, with hardware encoder turned on, the quality is 55% (for YouTube preset).

Thanks. I will change quality to 55% for now.

As a workaround until the next version, you can create your own YouTube Export preset.

  • Select the actual YouTube preset.
  • Change the 23% Quality to 55% (or any value you want)
  • Click on the + button at the bottom of the Export panel
  • Give a name to your new preset and Save.

Fixed for the next version.

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