Youtube Preset issues

So this is my first youtube video, first time using shotcut. I imported all my videos, spent days cutting and adding effects and learning the apllication. Everything looks great on my exported file whether from my phone or my PC. After I uploaded it to youtube it looks as if my video is zoomed out and it wont go into horizontal mode.
The exported file is
Fps: 30
Format: yu420p
Aspect: 16:9

Any help is much appreciated.

Are you absolutely sure the exported file is 1920x1080?
Check it’s properties in the folder where you exported it

On YouTube the highest resolution available is 480p. And the specs clearly says it’s a vertical video

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Somehow I misread the “Mikhail” as Mia kh… Rest you know :sweat_smile: .

Make sure that you set you project size to 1920x1080, before starting to adding clips else it will use the size of the first clip you add to the time line.
Even if you export to 1920x1080, you will get black borders if project size is not 1920x1080

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