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My laptop (onboard graphics) screen resolution seems to be 1366 x 768 (recommended). There is no 1080p setting. I have YouTube tutorials videos set to High Resolution (cog wheel) and open the video in Theater (mode). But, the words in the video are so indiscernible. I’ve shared screen shots of what I see with others and they too, can’t read the words. It’s critical when you’re learning new software via TB videos that you see what the tutorial creator is doing on screen but it’s not visible on my PC running Windows 10.

I have good vision as do the people who viewed my screenshots.

I’d appreciate your creative suggestions re: what I can change settings-wise or otherwise to see the words in the tutorials. Thank you!

Can the laptop be connected to an external monitor?

Can you cast them to a TV?

That’s a really good thought but my TVs are ancient - pre-USB or HDMI! :slight_smile:
I’ve downloaded them to watch in VLC Media Player on the laptop but they appear tiny. I’m told a video down loader can’t change the resolution of a YT video. Others say they see the video online in 1080p so I’m perplexed. Thanks.

Yes, I could connect to an external monitor. Can one not view YT videos on a laptop? Thank you.

Of course, but yours is low size and resolution (assuming standard density) so it is hard to see screen text from a 1080p video as you observed. If you really must view it on that device, then the best thing is to make the screen recording at 1366x768 or 720p for more universality. If you are viewing videos made by others you cannot control that.

I view all YouTube videos on my laptop and it shows up just fine. Unfortunately the low resolution on your laptop is causing the issue. It’s not a YouTube issue.

Fullscreen is going to make text clearer than theater mode here, also if you set the resolution too high(1080 or 4k) you’re going to be making things worse not better, setting it to 720p and viewing fullscreen should give you the best results on that system.

What do you have your laptop screen resolution set to? Are you using onboard memory or do you have a separate graphics card? Are you running W10 Pro? Do you watch YT videos on VLC Media Player? If so, which version? If not, what media player do you use? Version? Thank you.

I’ll try 720 on my laptop. Are you running W10? Which Media Player are you using to watch YT videos? Thank you.

I just watch them in browser(vivaldi typically) but my laptop is a 15.4 inch Lenovo Thinkpad P50 running windows 10Pro 2004 with a 1920x1080p screen so I ususally set videos to that or 720 depending on what’s available and rarely have issues reading any on screen text(unless the video was just made terribly)

Regular Acer Windows 10 laptop. AMD Ryzen 5 chip, Radeon RX 560X graphic card. Nothing fancy or uper fast I watch Youtube like most people watch it, on a browser…

You both have a modern laptop compared to my Dell Latitude E6540 :slight_smile:

Is it possible to email either of you privately about a follow up question?

Thank you!

The forum supports private messages if you click on the username, I just sent you one. Also my P50 is only a bit newer than your E6540(gen 6 cpu vs gen 4) you just drew the short straw and didn’t get a 1080p screen(which appears available if you were to get a 6540 on ebay and such)

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