"You cannot add a project to itself"?

If I export a video (specifically - I’ve copied timeline to source and exported a subset of the video), add the resulting video to the playlist, then try to drag it to the timeline, I get the message “You cannot add a project to itself”. But I’m not trying to add a project, I’m trying to add a video. In fact, if I save Shotcut, with the exported video still in the playlist, re-open Shotcut, then I can drag the video into the timeline.

So why do I get the message “You cannot add a project to itself” when in fact, I can add the offending video to the timeline (but in a roundabout way)?

I’ve tried this on version 20.10.31 and 20.11.28 (on Windows 10, 64bit, but I’d be surprised if my operating system matters).

Because Source is frequently the source of a timeline action that adds footage, and the check in the code that results in this warning is not perfect, and it simply sees there is a copy of the project in Source. Change Source.

Yep. That works. Dragging something else from the playlist in to the source window before dragging the exported video to the timeline works fine.


As you see on the image, this particular error message is being displayed suddenly after a proxy became ready and Shotcut started to export a segment that was copied to source from the timeline as a FLAC-file.

I also mention once again that Shotcut doesn’t accept FLAC-files that have been made by Shotcut itself whereas Audacity eats them well.

The export is “pending”.

Yes, it was pending at that moment. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere that Shotcut does some things the not-human-friendly way. For instance, it stops the playback once a proxy has become ready. This time, I copied the timeline to source and set the markers while the proxy was being made. I also gave the export command during that process. Right after the proxy had become ready, Shotcut kicked my into face with this misleading message.

Flac files work with Shotcut. This audio file was exported from Shotcut.

Your file name seems to have mka-extension. Export it with flac-extension as it should be and see what’ll happen!

It’s a FLAC audio file :wink:

It seems to be a FLAC-file inside Matroska-container. Export it as pure FLAC-file, don’t put it into a container and try to import that file!

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