"You cannot add a project to itself!" by adding a clip

Please watch my video on this bug.

This here is a complement to another report from November last year.

That happened to me a few times. If I remember correctly the workaround I found then was to double-click the file in the Playlist. It will start to play in the Source viewer. Try to drag it to the timeline from there.

This happened after I had copied a track to source because I wanted to export a snippet of it.

I restarted Shotcut and after that, I could drag the audio file again.

So something is wrong with the source.

This doesn’t necessarily help with the original post but I believe this solves your issue without needing to restart Shotcut.

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It doesn’t mean in any means that we aren’t dealing with a bug though.

You deleted, avoided answering the questions when making a bug report, which ask you the steps. In your video you didn’t state anything about what you did in your 2nd post. It would make it helpful for readers if you edit your first post explaining all of the steps you took.

Your title is directly the same as @pbattersby’s post, which your concern is answered/explained there.

Who did you write to, @Hudson555x? I’m confused because I’m the author of this bug report, however I haven’t deleted nor avoided anything. The video contains everything relevant. All the steps are there with the stand when I was aware of them as they were. In my second post, I complemented the story because of the mentioned hypothesis that came to my mind. Isn’t the whole conversation more helpful than the first post? In time, we discover things that aren’t visible initially. We can’t go back in time. Comments are helpful for developers as through them they know how the story evolves.

Now I see what you mean. @pbattersby has referred to their earlier complaint in exactly same matter. I took a look at their story. There’s an answer marked as a solution. It isn’t a solution. Just explaining a workaround isn’t a solution. A solution is there if the anomaly doesn’t appear anymore. Whatever is in the source, should have no influence on the timeline of the project as they are fully different things. Or am I missing something important?

I reproduced and fixed this for the next version 21.01

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