X-Delete does not work at play head and now has to be selected

Shotcut version 22.09.23. X Delete. CUT Problem

Edition Windows 11 Home Version 21H2
Installed on ‎12/‎20/‎2021
OS build 22000.1042
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.1042.0

I used to be able to do cut and deletes using S to cut track and X to delete at either the play head or on selected segment of timeline, and if ripple cut across all tracks. Now I have to select on each prior to each deletion as X does not work for me at playhead anymore. I have updated my Windows in hopes that it was a windows problem.

Old way of having X work wherever the playhead was or on selected segment was faster than having to select each time you want to delete.

I still can do my cuts, but now I have to select each section and no longer just move play head. This is adding a lot of extra time to have to select each segment and since some of them are very small have to epand the timeline just to select. Is anyone else having this problem? Was it a bug that has been fixed now and I was using for editing. I’m like that guy in a Dirty Harry Movie. I just gotz to know.

Hi @BillDube

It’s been like that for a long time.

You already use S and X to split and remove. You just need to get the habit of adding Ctrl+ Right Arrow to that sequence.

S - Split at Playhead
Ctrl+Right Arrow - Selects the clip on the right
X - Ripple delete the selected clip.

This is not that much longer, when you get used to it.

Thank you. Although this does not fully answer if the X delete that no longer works at playhead, as it did in my last versions of Shotcut, can be turned on. With your way I can select even the tiny sliver cuts even if they can not be MOUSE SELECTED by going up and down the timeline. I tried the CTRL Right and Left finding that I can go all up and down the timeline. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks. Problem is with numerous edits on the same track even this way will take more time than action at the playhead with ripple delete selected for all tracks.

I can verify this is an unintended change in version 22.09 as a result of “A big portion of the UI had to be rewritten to support this” as mentioned in the release notes. I like to keep the old behavior because frequently clips become unselected, and it makes using the Contour Pro jog/shuttle controller with buttons more convenient. I will try to fix it.

However, besides the workaround mentioned above, there is another way that has been around for years that is even quicker: trimming on the timeline including ripple variants of trim in or out. And with the latest version, these are no longer hidden shortcuts but listed in Timeline > menu > Edit as well as the new Actions and Shortcuts window.

Thank you so much for the answer. I will have to adjust. That old way was working well. The control Right and Left arrow for selection is great. What would really make it really rock for multiple deletes, if possible, is if it would then default to position where delete was made instead of default to origin. That way a person could do all their cuts and then go back and do all their deletes in one shot. Really is an amazing video editor. Thanks again.

This is fixed for the next version. Also, for Lift.

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Wow that will be so cool to have that feature back. :slight_smile: BTW I know Shotcut is free, but is there a donation site for those that want to help the cause. I’ve found Shotcut to be the most dependable editor yet for me. Even when it crashes I only loose maybe two small edits of work max amazing products. :slight_smile: TY again. Also I forgot to ask about the old Up Arrow Down Arrow switch between tracks without mousing I noticed that was gone too. OKAY Operator error for me I see CTRL-UpArrow and DownArrow works fine. I must have forgotten CTRL part.

No, that did change to Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down, and the above (Ctrl alone) is a bug I also just fixed. Ctrl+Up/Down is supposed to change clip selection, but when nothing was selected it changed current track. When changing selected clip up and down, it also changes current track. But the bug was when nothing is selected it was not choosing a clip and only changing current track. You can also assign a custom shortcut to the change current track actions. For example, you might choose D for down, and then U for up, or I prefer E since it is above D - also conveniently close to S and all the buttons in the bottom left for editing.

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