Writting down stuff with a gaphic table on the video into shotcut

Hi every body.
I’m making some a chemistry video and i wandered if it was possible to write down stuff with a graphic table. By that I mean, asking shot cut to make a new “layer” above the video while i’m writting down stuff.

It would be great if you could show an example by linking a video you may have seen.
Is this what you’re wanting?

Video on top of main
With 50% Opacity

Thx a lot, i’m interested in doing that to.
I didn’t saw any video on how to do what i’m wondering about. Your close, but what i ment was more about writting down stuff with a pen, and having it hand writted on the video.

Are you talking about using one of these?

Yes that what i ment :smiley:

Just guessing here, it’s probably not possible directly with Shotcut.

You need to capture video of the use of the tablet with other software to make that into a video.

Here is a video that walks through that entire procedure. There might be other ways and other software out there but do a bit of searching on YouTube to find what will work best for you.

The white back ground on the digital can be chromakey’d out with Shotcut so all you would see is basically you writing in real time over your video presentation. Where your main video would be on V1 (Video Track 1), and your WhiteBoard video is on V2 (Video Track 2).

The video doesn’t mention OBS Studio which might be able to be configured to pull off exactly what you want. OBS is not pretty, but is highly functional. It’s pretty much geared for streaming video, but you can also do recordings. There is a learning curve to OBS, and they have a very active support forum for the software. You have to experiment with OBS to find the best settings that you desire once you get it set up. That also holds true with any software, experiment before spending hours/days to find out that X setting is way off and how do I fix it.

Thanks a lot :smiley:

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