Work on two timelines same time

I have a video clip edited and saved as original.
Noticed in some places had to make some color corrections, this one was saved also. Now I have two identical clips.
Note: The correction filter unfortunately continued further then I marked.
I want to put the original on one timeline and the corrected on a second timeline. How can I make a cut on both timelines, and cut out the ‘bad’ colored part and splice in the ‘good’ color part from the second timeline.
Answers will be appreciated.

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By timeline I suppose you mean track. The timeline is composed of one or multiple video and/or audio tracks.

If I understand your question correctly, here’s how I would fix the problem. By he way, as I don’t know how much experience you have with Shotcut or with video editing, I will explain as if you have very little experience.

1- Make sure the timeline is visible in your Shotcut window (If not, go to View and click on the Timeline icon).

2- Create two video tracks in your time line.

3- Drag your original file to the V1 track and your corrected file to the V2 track. The original needs to be under the corrected track. Also, make sure both files starts at the very first frame of the timeline.

4- You said : “The correction filter unfortunately continued further then I marked” On the image bellow, let’s suppose that the part in red is the portion of the corrected file that needs to be removed.

5- In the timeline, left-click on the corrected clip to select it.

6- Move the playhead (vertical white line in the timeline) exactly where you want to start remove the “bad” colored part. Then click on the Split button. This will cut the track in two parts at this frame and leave the end of the track selected.

7- Make sure the end part of the track stay selected and move the playhead exactly where the “bad” colored part ends, then click on Split again.

8- Your track is now cut in 3 pieces. Select the middle piece (the one containing the “bad” colored part), right-click on it and click on Lift. Do not use “Remove”. If you do, the last piece will move to the left to fill the “blank” space left behind.

That should do it. If you made your cuts at the right places, when you play back the movie there should be no more trace of that “bad” colored part. Export your movie and you’re all done.

Hello MusicalBox,
Thank you for the answer.
Very detailed great lesson.
Thanks again.

Hi Motim
Glad I could help. Thanks for the compliment by the way.


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