WinTen <-> MacOS


In a fair trade association, I proposed to use shocut for our interviews and others. Each member will share his project, but there are two windows 10 and MacOS systems and the paths in the xml project file are different!

Do you have a routine or a script that allows you to switch from Windows to MacOS and vice versa?

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Create a new project in Shotcut.
Give it a folder location, project name and video format.

Shotcut will create a subfolder (with the name you gave the project) in the main folder you selected.

Now make sure that all clips, stills, audio are placed in that subfolder.
When you share the project, you simply share the whole subfolder and the other person just double clicks on the mlt (xml) file.

By doing this, the other person will automatically have all the clips etc and there will be no paths to worry about.

Of course it’s advisable that all the collaborators have the same version of Shotcut else there could be features and/or filters used in the one project but not available on the other person’s machine.


Exactly I can share between WinTen and MacOS :slight_smile:


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