Windows x32 memory allocation

Hi Shotcut Team,

First thank you for the job ! It is a really great product.

I am using Shotcut release 17.08.01 under Windows 10 in 32bits environment.
I noticed that memory is not fully used by Shotcut despite huge project and a lot of pictures. only 600Mb with almost 1,5 GB free.
Second, it seems only 1 core is used despite 2 available cores : maximum 50% CPU usage.
Antivirus is Microsoft.
It is an “old” pc with Dual T4400 2.2 Ghz processor
Is there a way to extend memory allocation and processor utilization under Win32 ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Best Regards

Memory utilization is automatic and can use more than 600 MB. However, 32-bit processes are quite limited in memory allocation beyond 1.5 GB especially on Windows.
Shotcut can take advantage of multiple CPUs, but it is unable to completely utilize them at 100% all of the time. There is nothing you can do to overcome that. It is due to numerous software design and implementation inefficiencies. Taking advantage of more than one CPU depends on the video codec in use as well as Settings > Realtime. When Realtime is off (and GPU off), it will try to use parallel processing for filters, track compositing, and filters. Also, encoding typically takes advantage of multiple CPUs.