Windows store version (that I paid for) doesn't have an update

Hi! My Shotcut that I paid 9 dollars for told me an update was available. I checked the MS Store and there was no update available. I checked the version to make sure it didn’t auto update and it is still on 21.03.21. It’s not been about 2 days since I first saw the update message. I see that one of the bugs that’s been bothering me has been fixed! Still no update for those of us who went out of our way to help contribute to this awesome project. When will we receive an update?? Any response is much appreciated. Thanks!

This is intentional to protect paying customers because this new version is too unstable. I expect to update the store version after the next version, which I expect to be in a couple of weeks or very early June at the latest.

Oh, okay! That makes sense I guess.

TY for the response

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