Windows 10 audio'visual synchronisation application sensitive

For over 2 years I used Videopad to creat short videos via VHS and DVD for posting on Facebook. I made hundreds of 3 minute clips and posted them all successfully.
Recently I started experiencing desynchronisation in exported mp4 files, and decided to try Shotcut.
The first video I made was desynchronised!
I tried re-exporting, remaking from a Handbraked file - nothing worked.
I had been opening the exported clips in Windows Media Player and in Windows 10 Film and Video, so on a whim I opened THE SAME FILE in VLC Media Player. Behold! correct synchronisation!
Windows 10 has had numerous updates since I started making video clips, and I suspect that somewhere along the line thir media players have been compromised.
I noticed many reports of desynchronisation on the Forum; I hope this helps.
PS: So far I am dlighted with Shotcut!


I experienced a similar problem about 2 years ago. I was using PotPlayer at the time.

My main media player these days is MPC-HC. It’s opensource, lightweight and it plays all the video and audio formats I care about.

Thanks for responding. Knowledge of this quirk, though unrelated to Shotcut, may save others hours of frustration.

Further to this conversation: I updated VLC and now all my media players behave identically, ie videos exported from Shotcut have the video track delayed by a few frames. By experimenting cutting a few frames at a time from the beginning of hte detached audio track in Shotcut, thereby advancing the vudeo track, and exporting to a new file, repeating until I achieved synchrony in all my media players, I determined this delay to be abut 19 frames at 25 fps.
In future I will “unsynchronise” my videos in Shotcut by this amount prior to exporting.

Have you tried to upload your videos to YouTube or any other video platform to check if they are unsynchronized there as well?

I have uploaded one video (see below) to Facebook on which I had used my “fix” and it is perfectly synchronised. I had previously been using the free version of the NCH editor, with no synch problems, and changed to Shotcut when the trial [eriod ended.
I am convinced that Shotcut has an inherent problem, at least on my system. Other than that I think it is far superior to NCH.

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