Win 10: little problems with playlist

from win 10 64 bit, using the last version if I drag and drop the new files (generally png and mp4) into the playlist nothing is showed inside the playlist, instead it works well if I use the button PLUS of the playlist to add something.

Be specific. [quote=“matteoraggi, post:1, topic:898”]
If I drag and drop the new files

From where? Be specific.

Works for me using v17.02 on Windows 10. Dragging from either Explorer or Source. It is not possible to drag from Timeline or Project player.

ast version was v now I updated and I will test it again from few days, theoretically on monday. I was dragging from explorer. I will tyr ot make you a video screenshot to explain myself better.

Now with the v17.02 it is all right, thanks!

Same problem here.
Version 19.07.15