Will the 3D text filter return in future versions?

I’m just a newcomer to Shotcut and I’m starting with version 21.03.21, I am amazed at how easy it is to use. It can be achieved with little effort to create very good quality videos. I just want to ask if the 3D text filter will return in future versions? I’ve seen it come standard in previous versions. In tutorials where the 3D filter is applied, it shows that it gives a touch of quality and elegance to the work. Return?

There are no plans for it to return.

It won’t be returning. It relied on the WebVfx framework, which itself relied on an external library (Qt) which has not been supported for a while. In order to get Shotcut back onto a supported Qt library it was necessary to get rid of WebVfx (an the filters that relied on it) since that Qt library no longer had the features that WebVfx used.

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