Will Preview Scaling Affect Filter Quality?


I have been reading on Preview Scaling, and it sounds incredible for reducing lag on playback while editing.

Are there any downsides to using this when it comes to the final export? If I leave “Use preview scaling” unchecked in the export settings but have preview scaling turned on in the main settings toolbar, will preview scaling affect the filters that are applied during the editing phase? For example, color grading a 4K video file with preview scaling selected at 720P, would that result in a less smooth color transition? Would it affect the stabilization filter’s smoothing ability by analyzing the clip in the timeline with less pixels?

I would love to start using Preview Scaling, but not at the cost to a quality drop in filters or the final exported video.

Thank you.

No. It won’t use Preview Scailing in the exported video unless you specifically choose to use the Preview Scailing resolution in the Advanced Menu.

With 720p it should be fine but you should switch back and forth just to make sure that things look the way you want them to. Use the shortcut keys for quick toggling.

Stabilize does not support Preview Scailing so it will process it at full resolution. See notes here: https://shotcut.org/blog/new-release-200217/

If you are talking about a quality drop in the finished product then it’s not going to happen unless you choose to use the Preview Scailing resolution. If you are talking about during the editing process you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference at 720p Preview Scailing. But as I already suggested, check back and forth just to make sure. Once you get used to it you’ll have a very good idea of when to check and when is everything fine.

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