Why Won't Shotcut Work Anymore?

I am a new shotcut user, my first post in the forum. I have made several videos with the program in the past month and I find most everything I need on YouTube for how to’s, but today I am having a new issue that I can’t seem to solve. I started up shotcut and dragged a file into the playlist (a GoPro Session5 video) kand it froze for a long time before it started to play back, but then stopped playing back altogether. I tried loading a second clip into the playlist, and then I got the “not responding” message in the top window bar. Eventually it cleared as I was able to continue. Every clip I load to the project does the same thing and none of them will play back at all. I have saved and restarted shotcut, but still same issue. I have shut down my laptop and re-started, still same problem. I drag the files to the timeline, and they won’t play there either, and the keyboard shortcuts are somehow not working. I am not doing anything different than I was two weeks ago the last time I used the program. The system says I have the most current version. Have there been any Windows or other updates that could be affecting the program’s performance? I need Shotcut for work projects and it was working decently the last time I ran it. Any help would be appreciated. My laptop is a Windows 10 Pro, 2.7Ghz i5, 16GB RAM. Using WD 4GB external hard drive for video file storage location. Thanks! Chris

I recently started having issues with Shotcut’s performance. So I uninstalled then re-installed opting to remove the registry settings during the process. This returned Shotcut to it’s former best performance.

My laptop is on a corporate network and I have to put in an IT request to uninstall & reinstall anything. So, I need to put in a ticket and tell them to “uninstall Shotcut, and re-install it” but how and at what point in that process does one “opt to remove the registry settings”?

It’s an option during the installation process.

OK, so because I have to spell out exactly what needs to be done, it would be something like, “Uninstall Shotcut, and Re-Install from the downloads folder and opt to remove registry settings as part of the install” and that should cover it, right?

Well as I am familiar with the process, yes. But I can’t speak for your IT people’s capacity to follow that
. :wink:


Wow your IT people suck.

OK, so IT uninstalled & reinstalled with removal of the registry settings. I launched Shotcut and I am having the same issue. This is really strange because I can’t even playback a video in the playlist without it locking up. I did not have this issue two weeks ago. The only thing I am doing “differently” is I am using clips on my WD 4GB external drive for my source files. Could that cause an issue? My laptop only has 250GB of storage space and I was filling it up fast with videos, so I got the external drive for all my video projects. Is there some setup in the program that I need to tweak for using an external drive in this manner? I really need help here. I love the program, but need it to work! Thanks.

I meant 4TB WD drive, oops!

Meant this reply to Steve, thanks.

This is just my opinion here, but I think you’re bottle necking the process with the USB 4TB External drive. I would just use that drive for backup storage. If you need room from your main 250gb, then transfer files to your WD for space, and work from your internal drive. You will get faster transfer rates and working speed from your internal. And if your drive is a USB 3.0 (5 gigabits per second), and your plugged into a USB 2.0, it will only go at 2.0 speeds (480 megabits per second), which is slow.

A standard 4tb Internal hard drive for a desktop computer can transfer data at 6 gigabits per second, if the motherboard will allow it.

If your laptop has internal SSD for it’s 250gb drive, or an M2 drive use that for all of your video work. Even with an internal HDD I would still use that over use the USB drive for video work.

OK, so what you are saying is that my video playback and project playback within Shotcut are being affected by the transfer rates on the external drive? I guess I can put one project on the laptop and then move it off when I am done with it. I will try that and see if it speeds the process up at all. Thanks!

I suspect it is. At least I would not try it using a USB drive, which I do have 2 USB drives for storage only. I process everything on an SSD drive or a HDD, all internal. You have had success before, and I’m only guessing the past experiences have been using your internal hard drive. I know you said your computer is hooked to a corporate network. Your IT department could have installed some other program which may interfere or block permissions to Shotcut in some way. There are so many unknown variables.

Time how long it takes to copy your source video file to your WD, and time it copying to your internal hard drive.

Have you tried using Shotcut with files on your internal drive, since the problems started? That would be the easiest way to test if the external drive is the issue.

OK, so yes, having the project video files on the main HDD seems to have fixed the problem. Note to self, will work on video files from HDD, then move to external drive once complete. Thanks for the help everyone!:grin:

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You’re welcome. Glad you got it to work. :slight_smile:

Glad you sorted it, but if you had written the above line as ‘source location’ instead of ‘storage location’ we might have solved this quicker. :slight_smile:

I think you should be able to use an external USB 3.0 drive.I had a try with files from an external USB 2.0 HDD with no issue. But I used my own files, small 5-30 seconds clips, not GoPro files which are probably huge.
But if I were you, I would try to play the GoPro files from the external HDD with another app, like VLC or mpv Media Player, to check whetter the dive speed is not abnormally slow. Or check with another HDD. Maybe an insufficient power supply from the laptop or a format defect.