Why isn't rejoin with next clip consistently usable with static images?

“Rejoin with next clip” is only usable when the two clips are from contiguous sections from the same source file. Makes sense.

However, why isn’t “rejoin with next clip” consistently usable when working with static images, such as png files? Static images don’t change at all, so logically, they should always be contiguous, right?


Hi @RickyRister

When you think of it, you don’t really need the Rejoin tool with still images (or even video clips), you can just delete one side or the other and extend the remaining side.

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Your method is what I’m currently using. However, it becomes extremely annoying to do when the background image spans almost the entire video and you have several splits across the length of it due to ripple edits.

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Of course. It was just an observation. I didn’t mean to say that Rejoin is useless. But I, myself, almost never need it. I rarely work with very long videos.

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