Why is that?! shotcut - undo button

Hey. Greetings from France.
Im just confused. I had i5-7400 CPU, and I couldn’t do much in shotcut so I decided to buy new CPU i5-11400f much more better than I had before, all games 60fps, Shotcut works fine too but there is one think what I can;t understand. Why shotcut work’s kinda good ( no lags) quick export but when I want to “undo” what I did wrong for example I cut video in wrong pleace I hit undo and whole shotcut becoming out of order for 30 seconds - I can;t do nothing undo proces takes so long whatever what resolution it is, I tried to remove whole system and install everything again, no matter what im doing undo proces takes really long + most of the time program is out of order during it.

Any idea why is that?

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