Why dragging the archives is now blocked? I don't know why it happens

Hello. When I started using the software, everything was correctly functioning but at some point I don’t know why, the program didn’t let me drag my archives to the time line anymore. It seems like it’s blocked or something like that. I also don’t know when starts to happen. When I close software and then open it, all archives can be dragged or edited. But some minutes later this issue comes again. Did I click at some option that prevents me to keep draging archives?

Sorry for my trash english. Here is an example of how it looks:

(The interface is in spanish, but I can change it if someone knows how to fix it)

This requires access to see a video or mlt, I sent you a access request, but it’s better to make the file public so anyone who knows the answer can see that.

I couldn’t post the entire video because it was too heavy. But i’m right know uploading it to YouTube and I’ll leave the link. Do I make another post or just edit the first one with the new link?

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Just edit the first one with the link.

Ok, So it doesn’t allow to enter any clips in the timeline, Have you checked that anything is disabled under the timeline menu, this is the best possibility that a setting is off in the menu if it isn’t a bug. To me it looks like a bug.

What version are you using? The latest stable version is 21.03.21.

How can I check the version that I’m using? Do I just donwload the latest version, where could I find it?

Menu item Help → About Shotcut

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Ok, so the version that i’m using is 21.06.29. Do I uninstall it and go for the newest update?

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There are slight chances of bugs, you should try version 21.03.21,because it’s most stable right now. There would more discussions on this timeline problem, till then check if it happens on the stable version. I think there is a lock option in shotcut for tracks, not sure if there is, if it is there then you might have enabled it mistakenly. It should be right bellllllllllow (someone gave me the correct spelling of below) or on the right of the track name.

Alright, I’ll try it thank you

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It happens sometimes, and you simply need to restart the app .

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