Why doesn't the crop filter have keyframes yet? is there a technical limitation?

I have been wondering if keyframes will ever come to the crop filter and if there are any technical limitations stopping this from becoming a feature. If there is a reason I assume its a reasonable one. I also would like to see keyframes on the crop filter so I can use those keyframes instead of making black bars on the top and bottom slide in with different layers and images. It would simplify thinga a lot.

No, use the Size and Position filter instead if you need that. You can accomplish the same thing with it except the automatic Center-crop function.

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ok i didnt know about that workaround. Thanks for clarifying.

I was just checking to see if this was possible or not. I wanted to use a keyframed crop to animate a red line crossing out the text of an image.

I instead went with keyframing size and position with distortion enabled. The only silly part was creating a full 1920x1080 image with only the red line in the proper position because an image of the line alone didn’t seem like it would render properly. (It kept appearing as a white void in the preview.)

It’s very simple to cross out text.

The white void in the preview is the S&P filters rectangle.

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