Why does size and rotation filter not clarify

Ok… When you zoom into something with size and position it doesn’t auto clarify, like crop source, or the old rotate and scale filter? Why is that? I’m just curious.

Would it be possible to make the filter easier to move around like the old filter? With auto clarifying things lmao. I am sorry for being annoying.

What’s “auto clarify”?

In any case, the upcoming new version of Shotcut will include a function to control the Size, Position and Rotate filter by holding Shift while clicking inside the rectangle box so you won’t need to always click on the center control to move it. That will help make it better to control no matter how much the image was moved and zoomed in.


The only thing missing for positioning is that Rotate and Scale had sliders whereas the new one does not. Sliders are limiting as they have an inherent minimum and maximum. Think about someone making a horizontally scrolling ticker- or TV-news-like text. That needs to be very wide depending on the length of the text. That means the X position value for some keyframes needs to be very large - larger than Rotate and Scale’s Offset X parameter’s maximum (or less than its minimum).

The new filter has more options for positioning including dragging. You do not need sliders. If you want to change a position value without dragging or typing a number, then you can use the mouse wheel over the numeric fields. You can also use Up and Down when the field has focus. The next version 20.10 lets you drag from anywhere inside the rectangle when you hold Shift.


I also have no idea what “clarify” means in the original post.

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Ok, I’ll send a picture tmrw after I go sleep lmao… Thxs for being the best… and how tf is this editior free… there’s all these stupid ones like filmora9 that claim to be free, but when you export the video it says it cost 50$ :confused: … thanks for making this for free… and is there a donation button? Because in the future if my channel grows big I definitely am going to donate lmao :slight_smile:

At the bottom of the download page here you’ll see the “Donate” button.

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