Why does Shotcut fail to export the first second or so of the video?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to break up some cartoons (in this case, Dexter’s Lab) to match up with TVDB for my Plex Server. As they originally aired with 2-3 cartoons in one half-hour block, I’m separating each cartoon out into their own file.

When I add splits to the timeline and go to the Properties and Extract Sub-clip, the file comes out with the first second or so missing. Why is this? It’s very frustrating. Shouldn’t the program just…export the clip without issues?

Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean. Here, you can clearly see that the clip has the title (and actually black space from between clips before that), but the clip on the right starts with the opening credits.

What is going on?

The Extract Sub-clip feature does not re-encode the file. As such, it needs the subclip to start on a keyframe. So it seeks into the file to find the first keyframe. So the answer is that Extract Sub-clip is not always frame accurate (depending on the encoding of the source file).

To get a frame accurate cut, you would need to trim the clip and then export to re-encode the file.


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