Why do I have to "set duration" whenever I want to add a file

… to the Playlist. The time given is alway 5 s no matter how long the original file ist. I did not find anything in the setting so that the original time length should be used as default.

Because the clip you are trying to add is not seekable. This is a sign that you should not try to use this clip for editing and need to convert it to something edit friendly.

ok. but what does seekable mean? And what does edit friendly mean? I use files from my camera which are recorded in m2ts format, or after stabilising some of them in mpeg-4 visual format in avi container.
I was looking to find a list with all the formats that can be used in shotcut but there was none. It only said the “latest” formats.

Have you tried trans-coding in Handbrake before importing into ShotCut?

Yes, cause I had to and it sure works.
Thing is, I want to trans- or recode as little as possible.

Well if you had to, then that is as little possible. :slight_smile: