White Screen after splitting


The video is fine but when I try to split a part out of it and try to cut a piece everything shows white after my split section?
I can still hear audio but as i said screen is white.

Any idea why i cant seem able to split my video?

Thank you

My guess is you have compositing enabled on a track you didn’t intend to/solo track. Compositing acts as kind of like a “layering” effect for the tracks and they can be “merged together” to produce one moving image (in an abstract sense). Think like a movie green screen. :slight_smile: However if you have compositing enabled with nothing to show or nothing underneath it, all it will produce is transparency (possibly white or black). The composite button is third in the list of toggle buttons right under the track header in the timeline. Depending on your situation toggling it again should fix it.

Hi Lauren,
Thank you firstly for your quick respond.

To be faire it’s my first day using it so please bare with me.
All seems thankfully user friendly.

See below for a picture where im stranded.

Toggling the compositing doesn’t seem to change the white screens that only occures when i split the video.

I double splitted and used X to merge the blank space fyi.

Looking forward to your reply

Cannot reproduce, although I should let you know that ‘X’ isn’t a shortcut for merge, it’s a delete. In case you already knew then sorry, I might have been confused with the wording.

Anyways, let’s try to get the exact steps used to create this error

I am on Windows 10, Shotcut version 17.03.02.

  1. Load Shotcut
  2. Create 2 video tracks in the timeline
  3. Load a clip in source player
  4. Load source clip into lower track of timeline
  5. Split the video twice in different points
  6. Select one of the 2 new clips before the last one and delete with ‘X’

Those were the steps I used to try and recreate this issue. Can you tell me what happens when you try it or something different?

Simple steps I did
I am on Windows 10, Shotcut version 17.03.02.

  1. Load Shotcut
    2 Just 1 video track is already enough
  2. Load a clip in source player
    4 Split the video shows immediately white screens before and after the split part when I press Split.

No other actions are needed
Is there perhaps a restriction for MP4 File’s made with an iPhone 7?

I found a workaround though - The 2 video’s I had in my timeline i just loaded the 2 clips in after eachother and exported them to create a new file.
After the new file was ready i loaded this one in and splitting was no issue at all anymore.

It may have simply been a one time issue then. There shouldn’t be any issue with .mp4 files, even from an iPhone. I’m glad to hear that its fixed though!