White Balance Filter

The White Balance filter has me a little confused.

I set the color temperature slider to 1000 degrees. The picture turns orange as expected.

Clicking the eyedropper returns the picture to its original white balance but the slider remains at 1000 degrees.

I reset both controls and click on “Neutral color” and select bright magenta. I click “OK” and a lot of red and blue are sucked out of the picture, leaving it cyan.

Is this the way it’s supposed to work? I am not interested in the average color of an area.

The White Balance filter works well by following these steps:

Restore “Neutral color” and “Color temperature” to their defaults (6500 degrees).

Click on the eyedropper and position the crosshairs over an object which is supposed to be white, e.g. a white card, white shirt, etc. and click.

I shot an exterior wall of a building which was facing away from the sun, i.e. it was in the shade. There was a white sign on the building which had a slight bluish cast. Following the above steps got rid of the bluish cast.