While exporting V2, it also imports from V1

Hello everyone.

While recording V2, it records by taking the difference length from V1. I think there’s an insect here.

If I register with * pointers there is no problem.

Win10 x64 TR
SC 23.07.29

Just hiding a track won’t fully ignore it, it’s just hidden from view so the project length is still 15 seconds.

Use a ranged marker to export only part of the timeline (Alt+M when selecting the first clip) and in the export panel choose Marker1 as export source at the top.


Yes. I know how to do this with pointers.

I just wrote because I realized the situation. so I think he should not take the closed one.

that is, it should output as 10 seconds.

*** There is only one thing; If V1 is shorter than V2, there is no problem. V2 takes 10sec… (Assuming V1 is 5s…) ***

If you use different names then we can’t know what you are saying.

Export length will ALWAYS be project size if you don’t use markers.
I hid everything here but export is still 20s .mp4:

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pointer = Marker1

Yes always Project length. In the example you gave, if you open V3, only V3 will come when you export. which is because it’s the trace with the longest duration in your project. I wanted to tell this

Not a bug, working as intended, and a change is rejected.

Ok. Thanks.