While Exporting the computer blue screened

I was creating a 40 minute 1080 video from multiple files in Shotcut 21,03.21. At greater than 50% complete, the Dell 1749 17" laptop blue screened. (It has done it before with and without Shotcut.

I am running Windows 10 home with latest updates and having been making several videos prior with shotcut that worked quite well. This is only the second one of this size - most are significantly shorter. The file size should be around 2GB finished.

Everything was gone, but I found the autosave file and when I finally figured a way to get the Shotcut to read the file (I made a new mlt file, copied it into a text program. Then copied the body of the autosave mlt over it, since the most of the stuff in the file was the same as the new one. ) When I tried it the shotcut recognized that it was missing a file, which I supplied and it then loaded everything up right. But I now have half of the final mp4 and I really don’t want to throw it away.

Can I get it to start from the place it left off? Or what should I do.

A blue screen has happened to me before. At that time, I didn’t have enough space in my C drive, I cleared all the error reports cache (300gb) and deleted it, now it works fine.

Although, you might be not suffering the same. You can try something else, like reboot, or something like that.

Or did, shotcut overpasses the ram of your pc.

I can’t confirm or deny what you have suggested. I did lose the first half of the output, but when I started shotcut again, it output the whole thing in less than an hour.
And, of course, well maybe not ‘of course’ - but on my machine when I see the blue screen and the software giving it to me says ‘we’ll restart after we get some information’, it means the machine must be powered off with the power switch to start it again. LOL. Every time!
I am not sure what happened, but it has happened before - when I did not have shotcut. This time it was in the middle of a nearly one hour process and did not make me too happy. I am now paying better attention to the proper backup of the mlt and such. I don’t like that shotcut ties up the files with the mlt, but it is pretty nice to have it able to reconstruct if it is all dumped somehow.

I’m suspecting your computer may have overheated, and that may be why your computer blue screened.

We don’t know your computer specifications, so I found one on Amazon with specifications.
Minimum Shotcut specification are:

1080 Video is HD, which 8gb is needed.

Although you were using Shotcut, it’s the export process that will cause your CPU to heat up. Computers have a built-in overheating protection to prevent you from frying your CPU if it reaches X temp.

If you want to attempt to export again, I suggest leaving the computer off for a while to let it cool down all of the way. Then just run Shotcut to export. Avoid having internet browsers open while exporting as this is more of your very available memory.

There are many free software programs to use to monitor your CPU’s temperature. It might be good to have one of those running while exporting to know how hot your CPU is getting.

Ones I have used on my Windows systems in the past are:

Be sure to check the installation instructions (Core Temp by default downloads other things) and settings (Cam wants you to start it automatically on start-up).

For what it’s worth, I have been regularly exporting the 1080 with upwards of 1.2 GB files with no problems with fairly heavy usage since Oct -Nov 2021. But I know that it is at its upper limits for many of these videos especially 1080 and I’ll watch for issues. I don’t think this blue screen stuff was due to overheating though.

Perhaps my machine is overheating, but I doubt it. When it is processing hard, the fan is speeding up and it stays at that high speed until the processing load drops. When the processing slows down, so does the fan - indicating that the sensor is no longer claiming to be too hot. So it appears that the cooling system is adequate to keep the processor cool during heavy loads. It slows down right away and I would not expect that to happen if the processor was overheated - it would take some time.

The machine has an i5 running at 2.4 GHz with 6 gb ddr3 and 1T hybrid hd (256 GB of SS drive) running Windows 10 Home edition regularly updated by MS. The i5 with 6 gb memory was factory, but the 1T hybrid is aftermarket.

My question was, now that it failed, is there some way to get the information that it was using to produce the exportable file restored. It was all gone. I was able to use the backup autosave and produced a new mlt file with the right information in it as I was able to recognize the timeline when it reappeared with the cobbled mlt. But the file it had made was roughly a little over half done.at 800,000 out of 1.3 GB that it finally was when I did it again. I decided that the answer was going to be no - the shotcut program will not start over from where it left off if something dies in the middle of the output of an Export file. So I just exported it again and in less than an hour, the new file was produced.

I have some inkling that portions of the memory might be suffering from poor connections because I have seen some failures that tend to suggest that the memory has read incorrectly. And those were before I even installed shotcut. And they happened when the machine was doing almost nothing.

Thanks - good information and help!!


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