Which filter?

When we insert a filter, for example - point removal, a mark appears in the list and a rectangle in the video being edited. To remove the filter, uncheck and remove from LIST. But how to do otherwise? Click on the rectangle and identify in the list to remove the filter?

Sorry but it’s nearly impossible for us. Impressive that another tool does it. What if there were multiple clips being blended at that pixel each with multiple filters? I guess the other tool is simple and does not have these multiplicity features.

Here is a workaround. Select the uppermost clip on the timeline that is at the playhead. Go to Filters, and select each filter that seems most applicable or relevant to what you are looking for. For your example “Spot Removal.” Not the one? Try the next relevant filter if available. If none of those clip’s filters applied, look at the next clip that is involved if there was any blending. If still not found, look for a track filter.

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look: Note that when adding an effect, it is automatically inserted in the timeline, just click on it and it is “lit” in the timeline.