Where did the "Text" filter go? 3D Text is very performance intensive on my setup


I’ve been working with Shotcut for a while now and I really like it. (And the fact that it’s the best open-source Linux and Windows video editor! c:)

I had a break of about half a year without using Shotcut and I’m missing the “Text” function which existed in mid-2016, I think.
Yeah, I know the 3D Text is cool, but if I use 3 on one clip Shotcut is very slow. And if I use 5 Shotcut really likes to crash. :c

Is there a plugin or something I can use to bring the normal text filter back?

KevSlashNull. ^-^

Did you extend the filter list by clicking the ‘Show Video Filters’ icon?

Yeah, I did, but I think I found the “issue”.

I’ve turned GPU Processing off and the Text filter appeared. I didn’t know that that mode disables the Text filter.

But why isn’t that filter available while in the experimental mode?