Whenever i export, there's a black border on my project

So on shotcut, it’s fine and there’s no problem… however whenever i export the video, this black border shows up (it shows up when i used the filter scale and rotate and export it). Idk how to fix it :((( help pls huhu thank you so much ;;

In export do not change the resolution. Did you choose an export preset?
How does it look when played in Shotcut?

Thank you so much for responding! I didn’t change the resolution and the preset. I did changed the quality ;; When played in Shotcut it looks fine and great, no problem but when the vid is exported, that border just came out. That border shows when the filter ‘Rotate and Scale’ is used on that certain clip.

If you are using Settings > Preview Scaling and the X and Y offset parameters in the Rotate and Scale filter, you need to turn off Preview Scaling and adjust the filter.

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Hello! I just tried it today and it worked :weary: Thank you so much!!!

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