When selecting a still to change the duration it is shown for. the duration area is greyed out and inaccessible

I’m new to this software and am not sure if there is something i am doing wrong that is making this happen.
the current duration is set to 4 seconds. i need to change it to match pace with an audio .wav file. the file itself is a .png and the video it is coming after is an mp4 file. i have tried removing and reloading the file. i have tried creating a new track and placing it there. that also doesnt work. i have tried saving and reloading. i have tried reseting the photo settings to default. not even the arrows work. is there anything i can do? this has never happened in another file. and i need this project done within a couple hours. thank you for anyone who can help me

You change the duration of the photo in the timeline by either stretching it out or in. Watch this video to see how it’s done. :slight_smile:

And since you are new you should watch this great beginner’s tutorial that covers a lot of ground on how to use Shotcut.

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thank you for the video. why can i not just set it to the exact time i want it though. if the option is there why is it not available?

hey another quick question. after i figured out the last issue. i tried to do exactly as this video did to put a logo in the corner of my video. and it wont let me pull the picture down. it just gives a circle with the line through it for no. any ideas?

Might want to make a new post for the picture question.

You can set the duration while the image is in the Source player before you add it to the timeline. After it is in the timeline, duration is disabled because that is not yet implemented (programmed). That is generally the answer to “why is it not available?” There are many limits to the tool.

That is a bug that we keep trying to fix, but there are multiple scenarios and not all of them known concretely enough. You can restart Shotcut, or open the media in the Source player and use a timeline toolbar button or keyboard shortcut to add footage.