When put in the playlist, video length is shortened

My recorded VLC video is 3:54, but when I drag it to the playlist it’s now 3:18. Same when putting into the timeline. Just started happening today, previous videos were fine. All recorded with VLC and all are mp4.
Any suggestions?

If it just one video, something may be corrupted with it.
Maybe you could try to re encode it with handbrake or VirtualDub.

I just recorded a 4:00 vid, tried it…and the duration was reduced to 3:28. Removed it from the playlist and added it again and now it’s the right length. I’ll try a cpl more and see how they turn out.
Thanks for the reply Ken


I keep getting exactly the same issue and despite reloading clips the same things keeps happening. In the end I had to go into properties in the clip concerned and change it to the right length, but often it would shorten again when I went into the timeline. I am tearing my hair out - can anyone suggest why this happens to some clips and not others?

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