When is there going to be motion blur on this editor software

:neutral_face: Any ideas of how to make this possible

A long time from and maybe never.

Well, there is a way:
If you move objects by keying “Size and Position” with the keyframe type “smooth” and additionally insert an also keyed “Blur: Box”.

  • Keying only “width” for fast horizontical movement
  • Keying only “height” for fast vertical movement and fast zoom.

Watch this example:

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For a quasi motion blur effect you could use the vertigo filter, not part of the standard Shotcut package, or use webGL cross zoom and linear blur for a motion blurry transition.


Where can we find this filter (link)?

The UI is here

Thanks, but sorry I don’t use “Goggle”!
I hoped for an official link…

There is no official link. Made a UI for the filter a while ago.
Here’s the zip file if you want to try it.

vertigo.zip (2.2 KB)

Thanks, I’ll try it these days.

Thanks for sharing!! It’s useful.