When is there going to be motion blur on this editor software

:neutral_face: Any ideas of how to make this possible

A long time from and maybe never.

Well, there is a way:
If you move objects by keying “Size and Position” with the keyframe type “smooth” and additionally insert an also keyed “Blur: Box”.

  • Keying only “width” for fast horizontical movement
  • Keying only “height” for fast vertical movement and fast zoom.

Watch this example:

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For a quasi motion blur effect you could use the vertigo filter, not part of the standard Shotcut package, or use webGL cross zoom and linear blur for a motion blurry transition.


Where can we find this filter (link)?

The UI is here

Thanks, but sorry I don’t use “Goggle”!
I hoped for an official link…

There is no official link. Made a UI for the filter a while ago.
Here’s the zip file if you want to try it.

vertigo.zip (2.2 KB)

Thanks, I’ll try it these days.

Not a filter researcher, but…
How does the VLC player make the “Motion Blur Effect” seems so easily?

Comparing to other video editors where the motion blur filter is heavy and super slow. In VLC the motion blur is a live stream, snappy and the quality is decent.

Now if I make a cheap phone video into a cinematic, I convert it using VLC with motion effects, to give it a smooth, 180-degree shutter feeling.

Maybe we should look into VLC source code to find out how it is done?

(IMO the motion blue filter should be one of the most important filters for Shotcut since most users are dealing the phone videos. The professional shots with premium equipment and tons of lenses don’t need it as much.)

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I was unaware of that functionality in VLC. Can you provide your steps to be able to create and save the motion blur effect? Thanks

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Hi Ben.

Try Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects > Advanced and turn Motion Blur ON