when I want to export it, it doesn't respond to me, it freezes.

Hi, mate,

I’ve been having a problem for two weeks, it started before the last version update, I’ve updated the version and even deleted the programme completely and reinstalled it, but it hasn’t improved.

After making the video, when I want to export it, it doesn’t respond to me, it freezes. It doesn’t matter which option I choose, if I want to make a gif it freezes, if I want to export it as a youtube video it’s the same… What can I do, I don’t know much about PC…

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Hi @griljedi

What is your operating system?

What is IT that freezes?
Does Shotcut freeze for a moment then it crashes?
Or is it just the export job that freezes?
Do you see an export fail icon next to the Job export?
If you do, right-click the failed job and choose View log
Copy the content of the log and share it here.

Did you try to export to other locations on your computer?
Maybe for some reason the permissions have changed on your usual export location?

When I get to the export section, as soon as I select the format, it freezes. For example, when I click on the gif option or youtube option, it does not respond to me. It just freezes. For this reason, I have to forcibly close the programme, “shotcut editor does not respond: wait for it to respond or close it without waiting for it to respond” options appear. So I have to close it. No special error screen appears.

The weird thing is, it doesn’t happen all the time. For example, last week I wanted to make gifs, I encountered this problem, but I was able to export it as a youtube video. Today I couldn’t do either. I tried a few hours later at night, both worked, I made my video without any problems. It will probably happen again later. I can’t figure out why this is happening.

I just tried to make my second video and unfortunately it froze again.

This bug report is invalid because you have not said your operating system and Shotcut version. I have never experienced the problem you describe on any OS or version.