When I change video quality the sound effects position changes

When I change the video quality the position of sound effects and the zoom “parameters” change, sonetimes slightly and sometimes alot, does anyone know how to fix this or why this happens?

What does that mean exactly? Use the names of the things in the UI, not your own made-up names.

In my language which is italian it is called “modalità video” for example when I switch fronm 1080p to 720p, or when for example I use the “anteprima di ridimensionamento” from nothing to 360p the position changes, thanks for the help bu the way!

If you change this, then Shotcut does not automatically adjust everything related to sizes and positions. A change to frame rate should be OK as long as you started the project with version 20.02.
“anteprima di ridimensionamento” is a new feature in version 20.02 that has some bugs that are fixed for the next version 20.04. There is a BETA here for that.

I think that I’m experiencing the same problem with version 20.02. For some reason when I change the default resolution, 720p, and the frames per second, 50fps, to 1080p and 30fps (that’s what I recorded in) it randomly freezes up the video until the next clip. Other things on different video and audio tracks still work at their current position. I even downloaded the new beta and it still did the same thing.

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