When I add a .png file to the timeline, all I get is a white screen. Please help

Hi, all. Please help me with this irritating problem. I’m trying to create a sort of opening logo that I can attach to any video I publish, and it seems pretty simple. I would just fade in with a static image, play a few notes of music, and fade out. And when I actually import the image, all goes well. But when I drag-and-drop the image to the timeline, rather than display the image, it shows a blank white screen. The image in question is .png format, which Shotcut’s help files say is supported. I made it myself with MSPaint, and it is 1920x1080 pixels in size. Any ideas why Shotcut isn’t displaying it properly?

I was having issues with that too on Windows 10, but a simple reinstall and overwrite fixed it for me. Also try opening the image with File>Open File first. For some reason Shotcut didn’t like it when I would just drag the image in from the file explorer/finder at first, but when I restarted the program and opened via Shotcut’s own file open option all image additions worked from then on, including dragging it in.

Anyways that’s how I solved this issue for myself but it might not be the same for you…

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I figured to leave reinstalling as a last resort, and jumped straight to using File>Open File. Happily, it worked. I now have a personal logo (which is so amazingly pretentious it makes me laugh) that I can put at the start of all my videos. Thanks.

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How do you reinstall? I am having the same problem

First, uninstall Shotcut entirely by using Windows’ uninstall feature in the settings/control panels. Then download the installer from the Shotcut website and install it again.

With that said, have you tried Lauren’s suggestion of using File --> Open File to open the image, instead of drag-and-dropping it into the Shotcut window? When I did that, it worked perfectly, and I didn’t have to go to the trouble of reinstalling the program.

I want to save my png video in shotcut but shotcut is not saving it… Any suggestions?

Save or Export?