When adding a visual video to preexisting audio, audio becomes distorted

Why does the audio (in the audio track) become distorted when I add a (silent) video into the video track. By distortion I mean the sound degrades drastically and crackles and pops in ways the same music doesn’t outside of shotcut. Plus it sometimes slows and speeds up. Or the quality becomes terrible compared to the same track in any other program? HELP!!

Can you provide screenshots of the video and audio properties?
Or maybe a screenshot of the project.
It would also be nice if you could inform us about the Shotcut version and the operating system.

Shotcut version Version 21.05.18 Fos

It’s just an mp3 track on the audio; it sounds great in Windows Media Player or Audacity but has issues in Shotcut without anything added. Then when a video mp4 is added the sound degrades further.

Does this mean that the audio already sounds bad in Shotcut without including any video track or filter?
Does this happen with other audio files?

If you export your project from Shotcut, is the audio distorted in the exported file?

What are your project properties and your computer specifications (CPU & RAM)? Maybe your computer is having performance trouble when clip is in the timeline.

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