When a source is deleted and the project re-opened, Shotcut timeline freezes

Can anyone confirm this behaviour…

If I open an .mlt project where one source file has been deleted or moved, a dialogue pops up asking you to find the file manually. However after selecting the replacement (and the project is auto-saved with the suffix ‘repaired’, the timeline is frozen and does not respond to clicks, right-clicks or dragging. The project is effectively uneditable and unrecoverable.

I haven’t lost any work - this was just a test project. Just clarifying whether this is reproducible for other users.

I couldn’t reproduce it.
I just renamed a file.

Shotcut 18.06.02
Windows 10 (1709)
i7-7700k 4.2ghz, 32gb Ram, Z270 Mobo, GTX1070

Hmm… My timeline is freezing in other circumstances too.
But restarting Shotcut doesn’t unfreeze it - the problem seems to be saved with the project.

Thanks for testing it.

Make sure your computer meets the minimum specifications.

Make sure you have the current version and only download it from here.

If you want or need an older version, at the bottom of the link above is this link.

When posting issues with any software, it’s always best to list computer specifications and the version number of the software you are using.