What to do if "?" Is replaced by "/"

Ever since I got a 2014 desktop (which is 1 day ago), I got curious what would happen if I press the forward slash button.

Obviously! It will open the keyboard shortcuts of shotcut. You might answer because that’s where the question mark is, Which is the keyboard shortcut’s shortcut.

But No!, that’s different, because the way the key should be is vice versa of the ones now I am using.

see the picture of the present keyboard (took from internet, obviously easily available) :-


And the real picture if what I got with the old pc:-

I am little bit scared to try this shortcut, because I may break many things.

Shotcut does not use forward slash (“/”) as a shortcut. So nothing happens if you press that key.

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Now I am curious how to open the shortcuts.

Sorry, had misread your post. Thought you pressed / without shift, and got the keyboard shortcuts.

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