What PC should I buy for Shotcut

Thank you for your replies, they are helpful. I read a lot about processors and video cards these days. I feel like best budget combination for my needs will be i5 8400 + 1650. As far as I understand, when video is exporting with envenc GPU processor gets less workload and thus it is possible to do something else using this computer. The advantage of such method as like having 2 processors working together snd faster exporting time of discrete video cards, am I right?

Meanwhile I prefer the AMD CPU’s…
The following is for video editing only:
In your case, and IMHO, take an AMD Ryzen-5 1600 F.
Cheap, six cores, 12 threads…, no need for GPU encoding for exports…
(Or, if you can, a AMD Ryzen-9 3950X :grinning: , 16 cores / 32 threads)
RAM as much as you can…, IMHO at least 32 GB. (Here (64 GB / 2666 MHz), I have often 26 GB in use (the whole system)).
That, plus a “simple” graphics card…, done.


Ive been editing on a i7-5500U laptop for over a year and its been fine. Hardware acceleration isnt a must but its just a nice to have.

Thank you for your reply, but sellers in local store said that Ryzen lower than 3xxx is a disaster for video exporting, I don’t really know ))

You can easily build your own opinion by regarding benchmarks. (Magazins or even on Youtube)
Personally I use an AMD Ryzen-5 2600 (non X!) and I’m very happy with it.
The 2600 is 20 € more expensive than the 1600 AF
If you decide for the 1600, it is important! to get the AF version!
The 1600 costs currently 100€…
BTW: I do not know yet what consumption those I5 have…, those AMD CPU’s have a TDP of 65W. Maybe it is interesting also to you…
'Til then…

Do you work with 4k?

You can edit 4k on a laptop if you’re carefull, but export times are horrendus, I had an i7-4600u thinkpad and it took forever(but I could make a few tweaks and then let my desktop handle the export in a pinch)

I thank you as always, I feel like I found a new friend in digital world, though I don’t even know your name )) can you tell approx. what the time difference of exporting the same timeline, with same effects (not many, just very average amount of effects: color, cropping, transitions), let’s say 10 minutes average quality 4k video of CPU I5-9600 (no GPU) and the same video but with GPU Invidia 1050 ti or 1650?

I use these most often:

  • 1920x1080
  • 1920x960
  • 2560x1440
  • 2560x1080
  • 640x480

I have done 4K before but not on my i7-5500U laptop. Now I use a Ryzen 5 1600 desktop with a GTX 1060 6GB and 16GB DDR4 2666mhz memory. With this PC I can edit up to 4K comfortably but I don’t do it often.

Not true at all. A Ryzen 5 3600x is about equivalent to a Core i7-8700K, but don’t quote me on that. Ryzen is great for video editing in my experience.

I have an AMD 2700 Non-X and I do not have any issue encoding. My whole setup which is ASUS ROG-Strix B450 MB, AMD Ryzen 2700, 32GB of Corsair 3000 memory, ADATA XPG8200 1TB NVME storage, and Sapphire Radeon RX580, plus 650 Corsair Power supply and Phantek Full ATX case was $1100. Way cheaper than a laptop. Plus I have room to expand. My OS was Free. Kubuntu 19.10 XanMod kernel. Today I took a 13-1/2 minute video and encoding into Pro-res 4:2 with mostly transitions and one opening title in 3min 59 seconds. The resulting file was 17.8 GB then I reduced with Handbrake for our company sharing to 480MB

why did you export into prores and then reduce instead of exporting directly out of shotcut as something more distribution friendly?

Because. I maintain 100% great image quality for archiving here on the server, and then handbrake is just a plug and play conversion of about 1-1/2 minutes. I would never do this on lesser hardware.

no I get that(I archive a FFV1 myself) but I make both exports directly from shotcut instead of transcoding an export

I haven’t tried that yet. You do this at the same Time? I know its possible one at a time, but never even thought about it till you brought it up, that i could easily just do it in Shotcut. One of them Du-Huh moments. I have my preferred settings saved, that I customized, in HandBrake so out of habit is why I do that.

They don’t export simultaneously but they do one right after the other(and typically the h264 for youtube takes no time at all compared to the FFV1), I believe there’s a way to queue exports if you’re doing multiple projects as a batch as well but i’m drawing a blank on how off the top of my head.

Does 2k go smoothly and comfortably on i7-5500U? If yes, then could you say the configuration of this notebook or the model of videocard please?

When you say 2k, what do you mean exactly? the term “2k” is used to describe a plethora of resolutions. And the configuration is an Asus Zenbook UX303LB with an Intel Core i7-5500U, Nvidia Geforce 940m and 12GB 1600Mhz DDR3. It isnt super ideal but it gets the job done.

2k videos average quality of standard smartphone video camera with resolution from 1080 to 1440. Can such notebook work with basic cut, transition, text, 10-20 minutes timeline with color filters, very comfortably and smoothly?

Hi, thank you for the reply. How important to use fans if I’m not going to overclock my equipment? I feel that it is not necessary to add over 1 fan which is on the back side in my situation, maybe I’m wrong?