What is the formal terminology for

Things that appear in front of the video, overlapped, animated or not, text or not, etc
I need to refer to them in a text, but I don’t know what to call them.

Thanks guys

If it’s that generic, how about “foreground layer”?

More specific terms are:
Lower third = newscaster-style name and title at bottom of screen
Ticker = scrolling text on bottom of screen like stock prices
Inset = graphic or video to illustrate the dialog but doesn’t fill the whole screen (maybe a corner)
Clip art or sprite = a graphic or animated logo that flies around the screen

In the context of the Shotcut UI, you might want to say like “upper video track.”

Thanks to your help now I now that the terms I was looking for were: Inset, and Clip art.
Thanks a bunch guys :slight_smile:


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