What is going on?

I was editing a video of an interview with Paralympian Sophie Christiansen and when I exported I could not figure out why the percentage was in the thousands and not hundreds.
I spent way too long until my brain caught up and realised it was part of the file name in front of it!

What version are you using (If 21.05.01 or 21.05.18, then switch to the latest stable version 21.03.21). Is your export in a normal speed or it is 10 times slower like your export number shown is 10 timer higher. Also tell where you have installed the shotcut app, from an external website, or from Microsoft Store or shotcut official website. And is everything working fine while this is happening?

Looking at the previous export, it looks as if it took 1 day and 39 seconds to complete - LoL.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That’s funny. It does look a bit confusing.

But why keep the Job panel in such a tight space?
Give it some room to breathe.
Move it to the left area, with the others :slight_smile:



There is not enough room to display all of the information; so it is eliding, and your file name is missing an extension.

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