What has happened to shotcut?

A BIG “THANK YOU” to those of you who have tried to help. From this very forum, I have read and learnt. Yes, I’m not “tech savvy” but I did read your comments, and from that (after a rollback) my Shotcut is now working…well, for now at least. I did ( as member D-S stated) run a hdd drive scan for bad sectors, and that (somehow…up to now) seems to have resolved the issue. I also downloaded V.18.03 (hope I got that right) as one of the devs said it was the most stable version. Again, that seems to work. My apologies if my “reply” to “davidoff” offends, but that user added nothing but insults. Some people should bear in mind, that not everyone can afford to buy the most “up to date” computers, or indeed, programs. The users post added NOTHING to try to resolve an issue…just used it as an excuse to start putting people down. If other users are experiencing the same tech issues I had, than may I suggest a hdd disk check as D-S stated. It seems to have worked for me now at least. Peace.

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@CaptScarlet I hope you do not mind that I removed your previous post that was flagged by another as personally offensive to another user. It did not add much to the thread. Since you are the original poster and have come back to followup (thank you for that!), and plenty of others including myself have had a chance to explain their perspective, I think it is time to close this thread.